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The New Normal

One of the ideas I have to fight from time to time is that if I’m not coupled up, I am not normal. It’s not necessarily that there’s something wrong with me but something just ain’t right. This idea hits me when I least expect it. I’m just minding my own…

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Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

Where Are You Looking? Dear Single Person: Has anyone ever told you, “When you’re not looking is when Mr./Ms. Right will appear?” Do you find that advice as annoying as I do? That’s because it’s a brush-off cleverly disguised as helpful advice. The truth is that people meet people when…

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Did I Miss the Boat?

I’m a glass half-empty kind of girl; my focus automatically goes to the void. What’s missing in my life as a single person is so glaring right now, my mind can give way to some pretty jacked up thoughts and beliefs. From time to time, I wonder if I missed…

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