A Thing or Two About Me

I am a left-handed, only child, Christ follower who is passionate about sushi and the world of recovery.

I am the type of person who has thoughts about my thoughts and then writes them down. The majority of what you will read on this site is the result of my constant flow of thoughts combined with life experiences.

I am a certified Grief Recovery Specialist & Trainer. I help people recover their sense of happiness and I train others to do the same.

I spent the majority of my adulthood living the single life. I sometimes loved it and sometimes hated it. So I set out to write about the everyday life of being single and/or dating in the most emotionally honest way I knew how.

There is still so much to talk about! I have a list o’ thoughts that have yet to see the light of day. You know how Prince had a whole library of songs he never released? I have a whole library of thoughts about being single. I will not let them go to waste! I’ve been married for a hot second now but I was single for over two decades. So eventually I’ll get to talking about married life. But for now, I’m about to go in that library!

Mo Betta (adj.): 1) the unyielding pursuit to improve 2) what the founding fathers would classify as the pursuit of happiness 3) finding what’s fabulous and celebrating it 4) finding what sucks and making it better



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